Connecting China to the rest of the world

See how UPS’s Shanghai hub helps bridge the trade gap for multiple Asian cities.

When we set up a state-of-the-art facility in the thriving Pearl River Delta, the goal was to help stimulate trade throughout the Asia Pacific region. What resulted was a hub that connects more than 330 Chinese cities to the world.

Reaching More of Asia

Since taking control of its international express operation inside China in 2005, UPS has made significant mainland investments to link China to the UPS global air network, including Europe and the United States. The Shanghai hub plays a new role, connecting major Asian points for the transport of intra-Asian volume. Our global air network offers direct access to intra-Asia trade opportunities. 

Better, Faster Service

The  highly-automated Shanghai hub offers businesses dependable access to this expanding market. The facility delivers a whole new level of service including a sorting capacity of up to 36,000 pieces per hour. Manufacturers rely on our expertise and efficiency to move their products all over the world from this region.

Watch the video and take a virtual tour of the Shanghai Hub to see how we can help businesses in the Asia Pacific region serve customers better.

Virtual Tour of UPS Shanghai Hub