3 companies share game-changing strategies

Ship faster, eliminate processing backlogs, and win more customers.

Any experienced small business owner will tell you that the key to running a successful business is to focus on what you do best.  And to do that, you need to reach out to experts who can handle non-core business tasks for you.  These three successful small businesses did just that and were able to accelerate their growth rapidly.

Nature’s Garden

Nature’s Garden offers wholesale soap-making and candle supplies to customers who create and sell natural, handmade products. Owners Deborah and Mike Ward, successfully converted their candle-making hobby into a full-fledged business in 1997.

Eliminate Backlog and Shipping Delays

A clumsy and manual order-entry and shipping process created backlogs that affected customer satisfaction.

“WorldShip®immediately shaved five hours off our day,” says Deborah.  Now the pick-pack-ship process takes about three hours per day, even though the volume has jumped as high as 400 to 600 packages per day.

Get Support to Automate the Shipping Process

Nature’s Garden asked UPS for help integrating its website and in-house database so customers could order online, calculate shipping costs, get e-mail notices, and link to ups.com® for order tracking.  “It was a collaboration between our programmer and UPS software gurus,” Deborah says.

“With UPS’s help we’ve automated things so much that over the last three busy seasons, we have not had a single shipping delay.  Our customers love that,” Deborah says.

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm specializes in providing essential beekeeping supplies.  From its humble start in a log cabin, the company has grown to be a thriving global business with products ranging from protective clothing and extractors to frames and hive bodies.

Quickly Handle Skyrocketing Demand

Demand for beekeeping services suddenly soared because bees in the wild are dying off.  Brushy Mountain faced three-week order backlogs and chaotic order fulfillment.  “We didn’t have the infrastructure to handle that kind of volume,” says Shane Gebauer, general manager.

Brushy Mountain has always been a UPS customer and uses UPS to import raw materials from England and India. When they reached out for help with warehouse management, a UPS team spent four days on-site mapping processes and recommending improvements in manifesting.

Improve Design and Integrate Software to Increase Revenue

Design improvements and software integration recommended by UPS cut order backlogs from three weeks to less than one week.  The new process saves at least two minutes per order, and daily revenue jumped more than 70 percent.

WineCare Logistics

WineCare Logistics is a flourishing company that serves wine clubs and wineries, shipping products from warehouses in Napa Valley and St. Louis directly to consumers every month.

Shipping products from more than 20 different wineries to thousands of consumers every month can be error-prone.  Orders must be picked and packed properly and shipped promptly.  WineCare Logistics turned to UPS for help in automating the process, making it virtually paperless.  “UPS stands out in terms of technology,” says co-owner Amit Nischal.

Use Temperature-controlled Shipping to Keep It Cool

WineCare Logistics uses WorldShip for fast, efficient shipment processing, and our temperature-controlled shipping keeps wine at an optimum 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  WineCare Logistics was also the first company in Napa Valley to use UPS carbon neutral shipping and, as a part of “going green,” uses biodegradable wine trays and packaging materials.

Use Automated Processes to Improve Time Management

In addition to streamlining warehouse and fulfillment, our techs worked with WineCare Logistics to integrate UPS shipping options into WineCare Logistics’ online shopping cart.  Now, wineries can log in and use Quantum View Manage®to track shipments to their customers and make any needed changes.  “Self-service gives our clients excellent visibility and frees up our time as well,” Nischal says.  “When customers can do things themselves, you should let them.”

Streamlined warehousing, tight inventory control, and visibility into the shipping process give WineCare Logistics a competitive edge.