Grow your business through better cash management

With faster and more efficient billing solutions, you’ll save time and effort, month after month.

Improve Cash Flow

Every successful businessperson knows that a crucial step to business growth is keeping up with cash management. With simple and organized invoicing, you can accelerate billing and payment processes and receive payments faster.

One way to get a head start on creating efficient billing solutions is with the UPS Billing Center. Access is free, so check it out today to try out these benefits and more.

  • View your account and shipping activity whenever you like
  • Request billing adjustments electronically
  • Print or download your invoice as a PDF or in spreadsheet form
  • Create reports and sort billing information by tracking numbers or reference codes
  • Manage multiple accounts and users within a simple interface
  • Take control of your payments, and pay either weekly or monthly
  • Receive emails when your invoices are available
  • Access the billing center anytime, 24/7

Whether your business is large or small, billing analysis is a crucial aspect of any well-run operation. Because simplifying your cash management system does more than save time, it can also save you money.