How the right packaging can prep your business for takeoff

As you prepare for a product launch, help make sure your customers get their shipments in pristine condition.

You’ve spent months—years, even—honing your idea, then testing and refining your product. If you’ve promoted your business on crowdsourcing sites, you may already have an audience eager for your launch. Your next steps are critical, because any misstep in the customer experience can drag your trajectory toward greater sales and possible expansion to other products or markets.

Your shipping process is integral to customer satisfaction: how quickly you can pick, pack, and ship orders; how easily customers can track shipment status; how conveniently they can return shipments. Also of premium importance? Product integrity once customers open the box.

Protect What You’ve Built

It doesn’t matter how great your product was when it left your hands—what matters is its condition when it reaches your customer’s. Plan your packaging wisely: think about the size of the box and the best type of cushioning to keep your goods safe.

The UPS Package Design and Test Lab has certified engineers who use leading-edge technologies to simulate real-word scenarios like impact, vibration, temperature, and humidity. This type of rigorous testing in advance of your product launch can help reduce damages, claims, and a negative reputation later.

Find Help Closer to Your Location

You can also find packaging experts in your own community. Select The UPS Store® locations offer the Pack & Ship Guarantee*, where trained shipping specialists can assess the specific needs of your product then pack for maximum protection and minimum waste. These specialists are prepared for items of all shapes, no matter the fragility.

Reconfigure Packaging If You Notice Issues

If you’re already shipping and experiencing reports of product damages, you may need to take another look at the packaging materials you’re using. The cardboard box may be too big or too small to properly protect your goods—or you may need foam instead of bubble wrap.

Proactively look for packaging solutions that will keep your customer experience intact. It’s much easier to start with customer goodwill than to have to win back customers after a negative event.

*Find the full details of The UPS Store Pack & Ship Guarantee here.