Complex mosaics require complex logistics

Artaic Video Case Study

When Ted Acworth founded Artaic, he wanted to make mosaic artwork more accessible.  He focused on developing modern technologies like design software and robotics to cut the time and money usually required for custom mosaics.  But he didn’t focus on logistics.

“We’re not shippers, and we don’t want to become the world’s leading expert on shipping.  We want to become the world’s leading expert on designing and fabricating custom mosaics,” said Acworth.

While the Artaic team didn’t want to become logistics specialists, they knew they needed that expertise to help bring their vision to market. So they sat down with a few of our experts and discussed all aspects of their supply chain—current and future. Together, they found ways to streamline operations and make sure Artaic can continue focusing on what they do best: creating incredible masterpieces for his customers.