Create a more efficient workforce with UPS technology

See how Summit Group uses tracking technology to improve staffing and save money.

Every day, Bob Kennedy, the inventory control manager at Summit Group, logs into Quantum View Manage® to monitor the company’s inbound shipments and determine how many workers are needed to tackle the anticipated volume.

On heavy inbound days, he augments the receiving department with trained temporary workers from a staffing agency, a strategy that enables the company to reassign two full-time warehouse employees to other positions within the company.  This saves the company tens of thousands of dollars every year.

The Staffing Solution in Action

As a leading business that develops and distributes branded merchandise programs on behalf of its clients, Summit Group maintains a busy, fully-automated, 90,000-square-foot warehouse.  When shipments arrive, Summit Group’s associates take the shipments, sort the merchandise, and re-package branded items like clothing, writing instruments, and executive gifts to ship on behalf of the company’s clients.  The company’s goal is to turn around shipments within 24 hours.

The core crew consists of four full-timers who can handle about 350 shipments a day.  When Kennedy sees more than that in the Summary of Inbound Shipments area of Quantum View Manage for the next day, he calls his staffing agency and requests help.  The agency keeps records of Summit’s preferred workers with areas of expertise.

Creating Cost Savings

Skrzypinski states, “The Quantum View Manage tool lets us know exactly how many people we need for the day.  If you’re reassigning two full-time people and bringing in temps, now you’re saving thousands of dollars.  You’re keeping labor costs down, allowing Summit to be more competitive in the marketplace.”

Skrzypinski says the solution came about as the result of a conversation with his UPS account manager, Robert Cortright.  “I told him I’d really like to know what’s coming at me, and Bob sat me down and said, ‘You know, Jerry, Quantum View Manage can help you know what’s coming in… quicker.’”

The tool has also proved valuable in Summit’s customer care department, which can better stay on top of orders and make sure the company meets deadlines.

Can Quantum View Manage Help Your Business?

More than 100,000 companies have already tapped into the tool’s capabilities to boost efficiency and save money in all sorts of ways, says UPS product manager Sunil Eamani, including:

  • Manufacturers that use the inbound shipment information to anticipate the arrival of parts and improve production planning
  • Online retailers that use the tool to notify customers of anticipated ship dates
  • Distribution centers that create and print manifests to use as receiving checklists

One company even set up its office employees with Quantum View Manage access and notification so they would stop calling the mailroom to find out whether important packages had arrived.

“Most receiving locations use it on a daily basis,” Eamani says.  “It’s improving their business in multiple departments and saving real dollars.”

Quantum View Manage is free.  Try it out today.