Happy customers are loyal customers

How better delivery options can increase customer satisfaction.

We all know customer loyalty is an essential key to successful business and that a great way to keep customers happy is by providing incredible customer service. What’s even better is when you can do that for free.

Gain a Strategic Advantage

With UPS My Choice®, customers decide when and where they would like to receive their deliveries. So not only can you ensure that your product is delivered on time, but you can increase customer loyalty by letting customers receive packages on their own terms.

This minimizes the risk of packages sitting unattended and helps to avoid those deflating missed delivery notices. Not to mention the headache of the “Where’s my package?” calls that may come your way.

How it works:

  • Customers receive delivery alerts by email, phone, or text message before their package arrives.
  • The notice will include an approximate delivery time within a four-hour window, an end-of-day time, or the committed delivery time for express services.
  • Package recipients can sign for their packages online, allowing drivers to release a package that would otherwise require a physical signature.
  • Customers can even reroute packages to another address, reschedule delivery for another time, or have them delivered to a The UPS Store® location for later pickup.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Customers empowered with these tools can help make your business more competitive–regardless of its size. For the growing number of retailers dependent on online sales, UPS My Choice represents a huge leap. Consider the scenario: The customer who has a positive experience throughout the purchase cycle–browsing online, buying a product, and receiving that product–is more likely to remain loyal.

How to Enroll

Unfortunately, you can’t enroll your customers; they must choose to enroll on their own. So let your customers learn about this convenient service through social or e-mail notifications. Because when they’re happy, you’re happy.

Tell them to enroll at http://www.ups.com/mychoice/