Find a faster, easier customs solution

Get your goods to international customers without delay.

Successfully Navigate Through Customs

Delays at border crossings are not only inconvenient, but they can risk productivity, incur contract penalties, and even cost you customers.

Unless you’re shipping documents of no commercial value, two copies of a commercial invoice must accompany every international shipment. This is essential for customs since it discloses the contents of your shipment and allows officials to determine duty rates.

A missing or incorrectly completed commercial invoice is almost certainly going to mean a border delay.

Using UPS Paperless® Invoice

Now there’s a free UPS solution, available through UPS CONNECT, which offers a better way to navigate customs. UPS Paperless Invoice transmits data forms directly to the destination customs office so that your shipment can be processed almost immediately. And it can even reduce the likelihood of customs holds by up to 69 percent.

More than that, UPS Paperless Invoice saves time by using the data already entered into your shipping system and only requires you to enter additional shipment commodity details.

Enjoy Easier Customs Navigation

Electronic invoicing offers many advantages over traditional paper invoicing.

Specifically, UPS Paperless Invoice:

  • Reduces risk that paperwork will be lost
  • Enables shipments to clear customs using electronic data
  • Allows importers to keep the customs value confidential
  • Permits reliable archiving and access to customs files electronically
  • Is environmentally friendly

When you learn to successfully navigate through customs, expanding your business internationally will be a breeze.