Orders without borders: Going global is easier than ever

Whether you’re a beginner or a trade veteran, these tips will allow you to export with confidence and ease.

International business opportunities are flourishing, which creates exciting possibilities for many United States-based companies. With the right tools and expertise, companies of all sizes (and industries) can take advantage of the new global marketplace.

In fact, UPS offers solutions that “can help manufacturers with exports—or any business—reduce costs, save time, save money, and improve customer service,” says Matt Hanna, a UPS marketing manager.

Here are three simple things your business can do to take advantage of global opportunities:

1. Get the best price for the fastest speed. A logistics company with the right delivery options—and with the know-how to cut through customs red tape and complexities globally—can provide an edge for companies looking to do business either more competitively or cost-effectively.

Take advantage of the UPS Global Trade website. It provides best practices on how companies can do business with overseas partners. The site helps customers identify solutions for their business challenges, like exporting, importing, or researching new markets.

2. Choose a paperless solution. When shipping overseas, your company can use tools like UPS Paperless® Invoice to incorporate its commercial invoices with shipment processing. This prevents paper documentation from getting lost, which is important because incorrect or missing paperwork causes costly–and usually lengthy–delays. Going paperless can save your company valuable time and money.

3. Clear customs faster. Services like UPS customs brokerage make exporting simple. No matter what destinations or products are involved, we have the experience and global presence to expedite shipments through multiple shipping modes and countless international regulations.

Our experts submit paperwork, make payments to Customs, and ensure goods clear borders quickly and cost-effectively.  As one of the world’s largest customs brokers, we help businesses bypass logistical problems that may increase costs and delay shipments.