Business is blooming for this flower retailer

Despite seasonal sales peaks and valleys, everything's coming up roses for White Flower Farm.

Gardeners across the country are planting everything from coneflowers to peonies, and they are turning to White Flower Farm’s website and catalog to find the flowers of their choice. Located in northwestern Connecticut, the farm relies on UPS to deliver delicate cargo to customers—on time and in excellent condition.

The Best Service for Fluctuating Needs

White Flower Farm has been doing business with UPS for over 31 years. Although the company has tried other shipping providers, the farm’s president, Laura Calder, believes that UPS offers the best service for her company’s needs. In addition to handling delicate flowers with the utmost care, we also help manage the company’s seasonal shipping fluctuations, which allows the farm to work more efficiently and continue to prosper.

Delivery Consolidation Saves Time and Money

White Flower Farm saves a considerable amount of time and money by using one driver to handle ground, air, and international packages. Calder estimates that by having to interact with only one driver, her company saves approximately $129,000 per year.

Growing with Partners

White Flower Farm expanded its business by partnering with produce farmers in California and Florida to ship fresh fruit and greenhouse plants to some of its customers. Tools like WorldShip® allow these drop-shippers to use the White Flower Farm account number for shipping, so the perishable produce arrives quickly and without error.

Going Paperless Equals Better Management 

E-billing has made it easier for White Flower Farm to track its growing business and keep tabs on all of their expenses. The tool also helps them manage their various drop-shippers, so the farm can outsource when needed, make sure costs are allocated correctly, and maintain control over their business. What’s more, the paperless system has saved White Flower Farm about $6,720 each year.