Products to help grow your business at your own pace

Learn how three companies got the support they needed to expand and compete effectively.

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your business, but don’t know where to begin, take it from these three companies: even the smallest improvements can have a big impact on your bottom line. Give your company a head start by implementing these simple strategies to expand into new markets, streamline your operations, get better visibility, and improve customer service.

Create Customs Clearance Documents Online

For AAC Enterprises, 20 percent of their business is exporting. The company, which customizes aftermarket automotive LED halo lighting systems, ships to customers across the globe. But the paperwork involved in delivering their fragile products started to bog them down. That’s when AAC began working with UPS to electronically manage their international shipments and avoid customs delays.

Products like UPS Paperless® Invoice can help your business reduce customs holds by up to 69 percent. Use it to create customs clearance documents online and organize information by shipment. It’s great for saving time and paper.

Synchronize Your Existing Software

When K2 Motor, a premium automotive accessories designer with only 12 employees, wanted to process inventory faster, they did so without hiring new staff. They successfully went from processing 200 orders a day to 800 orders a day, just by connecting their existing systems.

How’d they do it? With WorldShip®, which can help businesses like yours customize packaging and automate tasks. That means you can reduce errors, process shipments faster, and improve customer service.

Monitor All Your Shipment Activity

C.F. Martin Co., a sixth-generation, family-owned guitar maker likes to keep a close eye on incoming shipments. This tactic helps them do more than manage inventory. It helps them track exactly which materials will arrive when, so they can staff appropriately. And they do it all using a personalized dashboard, called Quantum View Manage®.

You can use this dashboard to stay on top of your critical shipments in transit, while controlling costs. You’ll get shipment status every step of the way, enabling you to anticipate and resolve potential problems.

Give Your Customers More Flexibility

The last, but not least, important piece of the puzzle is customer service. You can give your customers the flexibility to choose when and where their packages arrive by encouraging them to sign up for services like UPS My Choice®. They’ll get proactive alerts that will allow them to manage their deliveries—at their own convenience. You’ll also be able to cut down the “where’s my order?” calls, which will save you lots of time.

Every business is unique with it own path to success, but products that help increase efficiency can smooth the way.