Goodbye, clutter. Hello, online invoicing.

See how uses the UPS Billing Center to save time and improve cash flow.

No matter the size of your business, you’re busy–and you don’t have time to sift through stacks of invoices.

For, a custom-design ticket business based in Harlowton, Mont., the UPS Billing Center offers a fast and convenient way to cut through the clutter and access invoices quickly.

“The system automatically e-mails us the invoice every week,” says Terry Freeser, accounting and operations manager. “Getting it and paying it are very simple–just a few easy clicks.”

With the UPS Billing Center, you can:

  • Receive e-mail notifications when new shipping invoices are available
  • View, download, and print detailed shipping information
  • Pay invoices online
  • Sort charges by reference number, time frame, or other variables
  • Reduce paper waste

“This tool from UPS allows you to receive your invoice faster, so you can bill your customers faster,” says Kate Pientka, UPS marketing analyst, and with faster billing, comes improved cash flow.

Additional Advantages

If your company has multiple accounts or more than one UPS shipping system, all of your invoices can be easily managed using the UPS Billing Center. And you can archive up to a year’s worth of invoices.

Other features:

  • Set access privileges to give you control over which employees can see banking information and which can simply view billing data
  • Request billing adjustments online, 24/7
  • Access and pay all accounts on a consolidated payment plan

“It’s all electronic, it’s all easy, it’s all done for you,” Pientka says. “We’re trying to eliminate the hassle factor.”

With an integrated set of solutions, was able to improve efficiencies and grow their business. “Our relationship proves that UPS is a business partner in all aspects,” says’s UPS account manager.