UPS and Anderson Seafoods: A recipe for success

With a move into e-commerce, see how one company delivers faster (and fresher) for its customers.

Delivering World-class Service Online

When Anderson Seafoods entered the e-commerce market, CEO Dennis Anderson’s goal was to provide customers with world-class seafood that arrives three to eight days fresher than products at grocery stores. The company worked with UPS to implement innovative and cost-effective shipping to keep deliveries cool. They were even able to add an order clock to their website to help customers get their products on time.

Dennis Anderson, President and Founder of Anderson Seafoods, says, “It was natural for us to evolve into the e-commerce business and provide high-quality products nationally. UPS helped us build a new arm to our company, no question about it.”

Implementing New Technologies

We worked closely with Alberto Andrade, CFO of Anderson Seafoods to identify new areas of opportunity.  Together we developed an online presence and implemented shipping solutions to keep products cool—and fresh—for up to 48 hours.

Ultimately, the collaboration resulted in the creation of a custom foil cooler that Anderson Seafoods now uses to ship its products, and the company was able to successfully adapt to new market conditions with ease.