Logistics keeps this supply chain humming

See how Martin Guitar keeps close tabs on their entire global supply chain.

Chairman and CEO Chris Martin IV, the great-great-great grandson of the founder of Martin Guitar, believes in the artistry of handcrafted guitars. But if technology can create something better, he’s happy to embrace it. “We use the most advanced technology available to us.  Some of that comes from UPS.”

Using Quantum View Manage®

UPS technology helps Martin Guitar manage their incoming and outgoing shipping activity. The company has a complex supply chain with a worldwide distribution network.  Solutions like Quantum View help Martin Guitar keep on top of everything.

Saving Time with Automated Shipping

UPS technology also automated their shipping systems. Everything is automatically linked, and they no longer have to run around and match shipping labels to instruments. Time is reduced, human data entry is reduced, and customer satisfaction is improved.

Designing New Packaging For Effective Shipping

We also worked with Martin Guitar to create custom shipping boxes.  “UPS is a great partner with us,” says Chris Martin. “They’re always looking for ways to help us.” With the UPS Package Engineering Design and Test Lab, a package was created that reduced the use of cardboard without sacrificing any of the durability.

Keeping a Reputation of Quality

Martin guitars are among the best in the world, played by aficionados as well as countless recording artists. “Let me put it this way,” says Martin, “a Martin guitar is, in some respects, a priceless work of art. And who do we trust with our babies? UPS.”

With our help, Martin Guitar has streamlined their operations and improved customer satisfaction. As Chris Martin sums it up, “It takes more than wood and glue and finish and strings to make a guitar. It takes logistics.”