Tools to help you get to 100 percent cost allocation

See how UPS technologies can help businesses simplify shipping, reduce costs, and create greater efficiencies.

As the economy slowly revives, lots of companies are trying to do more with less. Many are operating with scaled-down staffs.  It’s the kind of environment where a little shipping expertise and more efficient solutions can go a long way in financial terms.

UPS can help.

Technology Tools Can Help Your Business

UPS tools can simplify shipping, help reduce expenses, efficiently capture billing information, and allocate shipping costs so that your firm can more easily recover costs from clients.

“That’s where the technology angle comes in,” says Casey Williams, a UPS marketing manager. “We really can help you, even if you have a small administrative staff.”

Here are four applications that can go a long way to help.

Reduce Errors and Speed up Processing with WorldShip®

WorldShip is a Windows-based shipping system designed for companies who are shipping 25 or more packages a week.  It allows for easy cost allocation and integration with other business systems like Quickbooks®.

With WorldShip, you can easily:

  • Import your address book to help reduce key entry and associated errors
  • Print labels
  • Upload customs documentation
  • View shipping history and export shipment data
  • Set up shipment alerts and track shipment status
  • Customize reference fields for cost center codes, client matter codes, or bar codes
  • Integrate with current order processing, accounting, and fulfillment software systems

Streamline Cash Flow with UPS Billing Center

UPS Billing Center ensures that your business can oversee shipping costs and process invoices more efficiently.  The quicker a company can access its invoices, the sooner it can bill for services.  UPS Billing Center, you can locate invoicing information anytime and speed cash flow.

Track Shipping and Inventory with Quantum View Manage®

Quantum View Manage helps users track shipments at each stage of the shipping process.  This visibility lets you can anticipate any issues that arise in the shipment process.  Simply check your Quantum View Manage status page to see updates and estimated delivery dates for each shipment.

Use These Tools Together for Greater Efficiency

Best of all, these four applications all work together to provide seamless management of your company’s shipping.  It’s like adding a shipping expert to your staff to help you get closer to 100 percent shipping cost allocation—all at no extra cost for you.