Niche products require specialty logistics

With creative logistics solutions, a small business can overcome any obstacle.

Thermo-packaging Keeps Luxury Chocolate Cool

Based in Dubai, Al Nassma is the first company in the world to produce luxury camel-milk chocolate. It gets hot and humid in Dubai, to put it mildly. With discerning customers that include royal families, Al Nassma’s business depends on a luxury food product always arriving in pristine condition. That took some creative thinking—and some smart logistics.

Strategic Routing and Optimum Direct Flights with UPS Express®

UPS takes no risks with Al Nassma chocolate. The product is transported using insulated thermo-packaging and special layered ice-packs. UPS devised strategic routing and a dedicated drive from the factory to the UPS hub and on to the airport. UPS’s global network ensures the chocolate flies out of Dubai on optimum direct routings. Speed is essential, so Al Nassma uses UPS Express services.

Al Nassma Delivers Superior Customer Service with Worldship®

Logistics helps Al Nassma ensure its customers enjoy service that is as smooth as their chocolate. Day-to-day business processes have been streamlined and are completely transparent to customers. General Manager Martin van Almsick: “With WorldShip we can schedule shipments, maintain a database with customer delivery details, generate UPS shipping labels, and manage billing processes. It offers complete visibility and customers can even track the delivery status of their orders themselves.”

Strong Partnership with Small Business

“Our clientele is demanding. Our shipments are of high value and the product’s appearance and taste must be impeccable on arrival,” says van Almsick. “In UPS we found a partner who not only understands our specific requirements and shares our commitment to quality, but who also takes an interest in us and loves our chocolates as much as we do!”