How one technology company beats its competitors to market

See how Epec maintains its advantage by delivering three to five days faster than competitors.

Epec Engineered Technologies manufactures customized circuit boards, membrane switches, and related products for almost every sector of the electronics industry. From cellphones to microwaves, cars, garage door openers, and everything in between, you may use one or two of their products in your daily life. Here’s how they get their high-demand products to market—before the competition:

Speed to Market Can Help You Win Business

“A single day can determine whether we win business,” says Kendall Paradise, president of Epec. So the company works with UPS, using services like UPS Worldwide Express® to ensure that all inbound and outbound shipments arrive on time, like clockwork. Now, when products arrive from suppliers, Epec is able to get those orders out to its customers as fast as the next day.

An Agile Supply Chain Can Help You Increase Revenue

Efficiency is essential to Epec’s success. The company focuses on their supply chain, keeping it nimble so it can keep up with the ever-changing market. In fact, Epec was able to grow revenue by 45 percent, largely because of its ability to move parts swiftly through its supply chain. “Getting products as soon as possible from our suppliers and to our customers is a key factor in our growth,” Paradise says.

Timing and Visibility Can Also Help You Improve Staffing

Not only do our express services help get products to market faster, but the predictability of these services also helps Epec manage workload and staffing needs. “The exactness and division by priority allows us to stage our day so we don’t have to handle 350 packages at once,” Paradise says. “You can set your watch by UPS service, which makes staffing much easier.”

Consulting with an Expert Can Be Your Key to Big Savings

We have also helped Epec save money by consolidating shipments from its Asian suppliers. The UPS team in China worked closely with Epec’s Shenzhen operation to arrange multiple daily pickup times at 15 different production facilities in China, Taiwan, and Thailand. That helps consolidate air shipments that exceed 150 pounds to achieve rate breaks and manage deliveries. “Instead of 35 separate shipments, we might have only one now,” Paradise says. “That’s allowed us to save at least 15 percent on shipping.”

Always Look for New Ways to Help Optimize Your Supply Chain

Epec and its UPS team meet regularly to look for ways to fine-tune the process. Paradise says, “One of the exciting things about UPS is that as large as it is, they are continuing to add new products, services, and supply chain solutions. Being able to have all of those different services available to us, and to call one or two people when you need any of them, is a huge competitive advantage for us.”