Making shipping easier: How UPS helped Save-A-Load save time and money

UPS technology helps this business save time and money and improve its overall efficiency.

Save-A-Load Inc. knows firsthand how important quality service is to success in a competitive economy. Since opening in 1993, Save-A-Load company officials have prided themselves on focusing on quality as a means to growth. Larry Sweet started Save-A-Load to provide truckers and delivery companies with an improved load bar for the cargo area to hold items in place during transport. Before this innovation, products often didn’t last during shipping, damaging trailer walls and even falling down when the walls flexed on the highway.

Keeping Customers Happy with Improved Quality

Sweet has done extensive research for Save-A-Load to develop a prototype component that can deliver high standards in the transportation industry, and high standards are key for this company. The goal of Save-A-Load is to ship every order within 24 hours, and it has become more challenging to meet this goal as the business grows. Because Save-A-Load aims to maintain its standards and provide a lifetime warranty to customers, it relies on UPS to help deliver customer satisfaction.

Fully Utilizing Technology for Increased Efficiency in Daily Operations

Save-A-Load focuses on providing excellent and efficient shipping within 24 hours to all of its customers. One key UPS product that has been able to help the company is WorldShip®.

We worked with Save-A-Load to integrate WorldShip with their accounting system, resulting in:

  • Faster shipment processing
  • Reduced shipping errors
  • Quick cost allocation

Vice President of Save-A-Load, Cathy Littlejohn, says, “We do a lot of small credit card orders, with 80 percent of our shipments going direct to an end user.” This is one reason why WorldShip has been so effective for Save-A-Load: the company uses the software to see whether it is shipping to a residential or commercial address and is then able to generate the proper shipping charge based on this information.

Finding New Ways to Save Time

WorldShip integration allows Save-A-Load to automatically verify addresses and eliminate the need to re-key information. As a result, employees save an average of 10 minutes on each domestic shipment processed.

Other technologies, like UPS Paperless® Invoice, can also eliminate shipping inefficiencies. By sending electronic commercial invoices to Customs, Save-A-Load helps prevent the delays they used to experience when shipping to Canadian customers. With an electronic NAFTA Certificate of Origin for shipments between the U.S. and Canada, UPS Paperless Invoice allows Save-A-Load to take advantage of the preferential duty treatment while saving staff about 20 minutes on processing.

Informing Customers About Shipments at Each Stage of Transit

Save-A-Load recognizes that a key part of delivering quality service is giving customers the information they want when they want it. Quantum View® provides visibility into all inbound and outbound shipments and allows the company to send customers shipment status notifications. These proactive alerts have reduced inquiry phone calls and saved employees time.

Since Save-A-Load can see what’s coming into their business and when, they can also more efficiently manage manufacturing operations and staff more effectively.

Saving Money Every Day

Littlejohn also oversaw one very big cost efficiency: by shipping most of the company’s freight and all of their packages with UPS, they save about 15 percent on package delivery.

Sweet says that there are some key traits leading to the success and continued growth of his company. “The key to the success of any business is to establish a philosophy and have everyone in the business buy into it,” Sweet says. “Our philosophy is quality.”